Carbon Monoxide PoisoningCarbon Monoxide Poisoning 

 What is the best protection against this silent killer?

Especially during the winter, the “silent killer,” known as carbon monoxide (CO), is responsible for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, causing an average of 450 deaths each year according to the Journal of the American Medical Association.  More than 20,000 emergency room visits could be avoided with the proper installation and use of Carbon Monoxide Detectors.

First Alert Carbon Monoxide Alarms

First Alert is the trusted brand name you need for protection against the hazards of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. Protect yourself and your family.
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Digital Carbon Monoxide Detectors

offer a visual alarm as well as an audible alarm to warn you when carbon monoxide is present in your environment.
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GE Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon Monoxide cannot be detected by humans without the use of a Carbon Monoxide Detector. The GE Carbon Monoxide Detector Brand can be trusted to provide the best protection against carbon monoxide poisoning.
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Kidde Nighthawk Carbon Monoxide Detectors

The Kidde Nighthawk Carbon Monoxide Detectors are offered in AC powered plug in, hard wired or battery powered, with or without digital display. These units will monitor the air for traces of carbon monoxide and will alert you and your family when dangerous levels are present.
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Carbon Monoxide Detector Reviews

A carbon monoxide detector is a piece of equipment that measures the amount of carbon monoxide (CO) gas in an environment. This unit sends an audio or a visual alarm, or a combination of audio and visual alarm, to warn people when a dangerous level of carbon monoxide is detected. (CO), carbon monoxide is odorless, colorless and tasteless, and can only be detected by this type of device.

There are many manufacturers of Carbon Monoxide Detectors, each offering similar features or combinations of options for each model. System Sensor, DuPont , First Alert , Kidde, KWJ Engineering Inc., Sprue Aegis, Duomo (UK) Ltd, and Ei Electronics (Ireland) are reputable manufacturers. There are rules and government standards built into all units for the safety of all consumers.

Carbon monoxide detectors have two purposes, to measure and monitor levels of carbon monoxide and to alarm or warn people when these levels reach a certain volume of PPM (parts per million). The sensors installed in these units from different manufacturer must meet the UL standards. The level of monitoring differs between sensors used by different manufacturers, but in our opinion, this is not crucial in your choices of which model to use.

The difference in models of carbon monoxide detectors is mostly in the features offered. Some units offer a combination of detection from carbon monoxide and smoke detection, carbon monoxide and gas detection(like propane and natural gas), to carbon monoxide and smoke and fire alarm. Carbon monoxide detector combos offer the same protection as separate units, but may save space and maintenance.

We recommend a Carbon Monoxide Detector with either battery power or AC power with battery backup. CO gas is more likely introduced in your home during a power outage, when an alternate source of heat is used. The battery powered unit or a battery backup carbon monoxide detector will continue to monitor. We also recommend a dual alarm mode, visual and audible, and for extra safety. Some units will send an alarm to a local dispatch so help can be sent to your house, weather someone is home in danger or the house is vacant.

Our goal of carbon monoxide awareness and safety is to help provide another source of information to the public. If we can help save one case of carbon monoxide poisoning or one death by carbon monoxide poisoning, this will be enough compensation. This is a serious hazard that can be controlled simply by installing a Carbon Monoxide Detector for this kind of protection. Read co2 detector reviews from people that use carbon monoxide detectors they bought at Amazon.

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