We are all concerned about the safety of our families.

carbon monoxide detector
It's easy to protect ourselves or members of our family from visible threats within our homes. The building codes provide a guideline for our safety when building a house. Items like handrails and the height of each step in a staircase make it safe to go up or down other levels of your home. The amount of plugs allowed on an AC circuit can prevent an electrical fire. The size of windows in our bedrooms can create a secondary escape route in case of fire. These are just some examples of safeguards we implement to keep our families safe. Following these building codes is one way to have an acceptable level of safety in our homes.

When we know that a danger is looming, we can and do take precautions to stay out of harm's way. There are threats that are not visible, odorless and tasteless that can cause harm to people and pets living in our homes. CO can be a deadly substance lurking in your home undetected, which is too often the cause of carbon monoxide poisoning and death in North American homes.

Our goal is to raise awareness of the dangers of CO, where and how it can get into our homes. We want do our part to help reduce the incidents of carbon monoxide poisoning. When you know danger is present, you take action to protect yourself and your family. When you are unaware what hazards you are exposed to, you usually don't take any action for protection.

Knowledge gives you the power to make informed decisions.

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