A Carbon Monoxide Detector properly installed and in good operation mode can save you from the hazards of carbon monoxide poisoning sickness or death.

Carbon monoxide cannot be detected by humans.   If your living environment is heated by an appliance that can produce CO gas, or has a water heater that may produce Carbon Monoxide, it should be a priority to have adequate protection in the form of a carbon monoxide detector.

Your first line of defence is to have all combustible appliances checked by a professional at the required intervals as per the manufacturer recommendations.   An appliance that is in good working condition and properly vented is a safe appliance, but, even the best appliances can fail.

The carbon monoxide detector will monitor the air in your environment and will sound an audible or a visual alarm if levels of CO gas leak from your appliances.   This warning should be taken seriously. You should follow the evaccuation process explained in the carbon monoxide detector manual.

Every incident should be treated as an emergency, it could save a life.

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