carbon monoxide detector placement

Carbon Monoxide Protection

Carbon Monoxide is a deadly gas that is dangerous to humans. It will cause illness in small dosages and will kill when the body is subjected to higher dosages. The term Carbon Monoxide Poisoning is the explanation of what happens to the human body after the respiratory system accumulates these harmful fumes. The amount of gas and the length of exposure will determine the degree of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning the human body can tolerate.

A Carbon Monoxide Detector, also known as a CO Detector, will detect from small amounts of Carbon Monoxide levels to the dangerous levels. This gas, which is odorless and colorless, is produced by incomplete combustion, see guide, What is Carbon Monoxide. Modern detection technology can measure the amount of Carbon Monoxide that may leak into a house, vehicle or recreational vehicle and warn people before dangerous levels of the gas can cause harm.

A Carbon Monoxide Detector is designed to warn people by measuring CO gas levels over time, sounding a visual or audible alarm before a dangerous level of gas is present within your environment. Some Carbon Monoxide Detectors can be hooked up to a monitoring service that may call emergency services if directed to do so.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors should be respected. Follow individual packaged instructions for proper placement and operation. Remember, CO gas is colorless and odorless, and can cause serious sickness or death. When an alarm is observed, follow instructions for evacuation or safely ventilate your environment. It is also wise to find the source of what is producing the dangerous gas. Eliminate this production of Carbon Monoxide Gas if you can do it safely, or call a professional. Your local fire department will be more than happy to help you find the source and recommend a procedure or a professional to repair source of the CO.

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